Do you have a retirement plan?  We can help.

The process of making a plan is important to the security of your financial future.  Research has shown that people have a lot of anxiety about retirement and investing because of all the variables involved.  Our planning model makes sure that you know your key financial numbers and we can help you create a tailored plan with your lifestyle, goals, and needs in mind.  Here is our process we call “Know Your Numbers & Have a Plan”.


Know your risk score

Every investor has a risk tolerance they are comfortable with and every investment has a risk score. Do you know the number that describes you and your investments?


Know your Max Drawdown number

This is the maximum loss you are willing to take in your investment portfolio. You should set a Max Drawdown number that you are comfortable with ahead of time, not under the pressure of a down market.


Know your annual withdraw rate

Your annual withdrawal rate is the percentage you are taking from your investment portfolio each year. This number is depends of many factors and should be customized to fit your current and long-term income needs.


Have a plan, have a plan, have a plan

 Most people don’t have a plan. They have stacks of statements and insurance policies that tells them today’s values, but tells little, if anything, about their future financial outlook. We offer a series of reports to anyone who schedules an appointment with our office, at no charge, offering insight into your current investments, insurance policies, and your overall financial plan. 

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Find out more about these concepts and other materials related to retirement financial planning on our Planning Areas Resources page.

Free Reports

We offer a series of reports for anyone who schedules an appointment with our office at no charge. These reports can offer insight into your current investments, policies, and your overall financial plan. After our meeting you will know your Risk Tolerance Score, your Max-Drawdown on your current portfolio, and your Withdraw Rate percentage.

We are often asked why we do these reports at no charges?
It’s simple:

First – We want to make sure we are a good fit. Can we effectively communicate with a potential client and is the client comfortable with us? Let’s face it, some people are just not a good fit for one another.

Second – We want the chance to earn your business by demonstrating superior planning

I will help you understand:

  • The full picture of your retirement financial plan
  • Your Risk Tolerance Score
  • Your Max Drawdown Number
  • Your Withdraw Rate Percentage
  • How these and other factors fit into your overall financial plan

To find out more:

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Frequently Asked Questions or Comments

When can I retire?

Only you can answer this question, but we can help. We will take you through a process called Define Retirement that can help you with this decision. Our process looks in-depth at your retirement lifestyle, we factor in healthcare cost, evaluate income streams and assets then we tie it all together.

Will I run out on money?

This depends on the annual withdraw rate of your portfolios, how much risk your are taking, do you have the right protection pieces in place and how diligent you are about following your plan. The Beta-Blueprint planning tool we use can help you stay on track so hopefully you never run out of money in retirement.

Why do I have to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)?

I know that its hard to believe, but we get this question over and over every year. There are people who have more income than expenses and wonder why they have to take the RMD from their retirement accounts. The short answer is this: the contract that you entered into with the Government when you set up your retirement accounts states that when you turn 70 1/2, we have to start taking distributions.

Retirement confuses me, where do I start?

It starts by sitting down and having the Retirement Talk with a Retirement Planner. We will sit down with you and have the retirement talk with you and share our years of experience and education with you at no charge. You will gain insight on things to look for during our meeting.